Monday, 27 December 2010

Distorted Reality

We've been emailed a peculiar image. We're unsure whether it reflects the state of the photographer's mind at the time, or is just an attempt at being arty.

We note, however, that the yellow car is parked at an angel in the 'Disabled' parking bay in Caledonia Place, Clifton.

On closer inspection, though, it becomes clear why Fiat R368MMW needs to park at such a jaunty angle. Some selfish soul has obviously put a traffic cone in the bay to prevent parking here. We suspect this would be someone with one of those really useful blue badges that allows us to park on double yellow lines (we've got a pack of them here at Bristol Traffic  -  if you'd like one just ring the Bristol Traffic Help Desk - most major credit cards accepted).

Luckily for the Fiat, this is Clifton where the standard rules of behaviour do not apply, especially when it comes to parking. So it's possible to park here without a blue badge with impunity. He who dares, wins.


seebag said...

I know it's the time of year for them, but try as I might I can't see an angel in your picture.

Quercus said...

It's the effect of all the Christmas cheer on the spell checker (or keyboard operator)!

Normal service will be resumed after the holidays...