Thursday, 23 December 2010

RAC visiting the White Bear

We like coverage of pubs, today, the White Bea, which:
  1. is in the student quarter
  2. has free wifi
  3. has a big white bear statue in front of it and one painted further up the wall.
  4. has an RAC van up on the pavement in front of it next to the "no parking" signs

What's interesting about the RAC van VN07KYA is it is parked over new double yellow lines, as this area becomes residents parking in three weeks time. This will make driving to the White Bear trickier, except that as you can park free for 15 minutes in the zone, if the bar staff are nippy you've got time to park, grab a couple of pints, then carry on.


David Wilcox said...

The White Bear is Venue Pub of the Issue. Venue magazine does not mention the parking. I'm dissapointed.

Bristol Traffic said...

That is disappointing. Note that at as the RPZ hours finish at 17:00, if you are driving there for an evening's food and drink, you will be OK.