Tuesday 21 December 2010

Push back the darkness

Today, December 21 is the solstice, when the night is longest, the day the coldest.

This year we are reminded, as it is as cold and grim as places north, like Birmingham and Leeds.

The Christians have been saying we, the British, have forgotten the reason for their festival.

We, the Bristolians, say they have forgotten the real reason for the midwinter festivities. It is to push back winter, to give us our day back.

Many of us remember this, but not enough, not this year. That is why it is so dark, so bleak.

But do not fear! Together we can bring back the sun. All it takes is for every reader to spill a drop of blood on the last relics of the Elder Gods in our houses, the so-called christmas trees, and together we can regain spring. Do it for the sake of the city!

As we in B.T. have to do more advanced sacrifices, we shall be a bit distracted over the next few days. Expect intermittent coverage. And if the days get longer, thank us.

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