Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cornerish Parking

Now that Aberdeen Cars appears to have the edge in PaveParking, we are going to share another parking secret from Bristol. It's "Cornerish Parking"

We define Cornerish Parking as "to park one's vehicle within sight or walking distance of a corner, but not actually on the corner itself"

Here we see it in Kingsdown, just of St Michael's Hill. It is far enough away from the double yellow lines to be exempt

In Clifton, someone is showing, well, less imagination. That issue with Clifton and it's lack of imagination is something we'll have to get back to,
For now, just note that the further east you head, the more imaginative you have to get.
Even so, not even Kingsdown stands a chance against Montpelier.
Here at the junction of Cobourg Road and Old Ashley Hill, we can see a '205 that's been cornerishly-parked so long the front left tyre has gone flat.

Clifton isn't even a contender here, while Kingsdown, it tries, but doesn't really stand a chance. 


Dru Marland said...

Hey, leafy suburban Westbury Park is no slouch when it come to blue sky parking, too...


'Old Skidmark' said...

A new delight! A new tactic! We will spread the word of this thrilling new development to the drivers of Aberdeen Cars (and Vans!) in our frozen northern outpost, where the nights are "fairly drawin' in" already.