Tuesday 23 December 2008

How to contribute

People say "How to contribute".

1. Park or drive in entertaining ways. It has to be funny, as we are running out of things to say about pavements, and will then have to retire, forever in third place in Venue's Best Bristol Web Site awards. Getting ticketed or towed is one option, but quite hard to pull off. Driving the wrong day down one way streets good, endangering pedestrian schoolkids while on the schoolrun yourself a classic. Blocking bike lanes is an easy way to participate, such as the entry to Nine Tree Hill in Fremantle Square.

2. Get photographed by one of our many contributors. Remember to be polite and thank people for their contribution. Contributors should send their submission to bristol.traffic at gmail.com . Its hard to get night photos, incidentally. Avoid reflective things and try and use bike lights and fast ISO settings over flash. We like registration numbers and street locations, for the database.

3. If you can, give us some commentary in the style of the blog. Criticisms are not usually appropriate, unless they are of bicycles having the audacity to cycle through out the narrow gap left in the new zig-zag junction without even looking. Better to observe that this bit of Fremantle Square is outside the CPZ, which begins at the car to the left. Therefore this van N581PCG sill still be able to park here when the CPZ rolls out and has nothing to fear.

Don't expect an immediate reply; the blog is filled up with a few days postings at a time, from our own and other people's pics. We like pictures that cheer people up. We can't handle downbeat "oh look the range rovers in Montpelier are here" photos unless you can come up with a new way to make it entertaining or positive. We know they are there. They are always there.

We don't just want parked cars, stuff about the general Bristol traffic situation goes in. We like photos and text, and try and do one or more postings a day through advanced posting scheduling. You don't really think we were up and online before 8 do you?


Strangely Perfect said...

...apart from the back of the van is blocking the exit...does that count?

SteveL said...

Ahh, but it isn't blocking the exit. It is in front of the exit, yes, but it is far enough away from the pavement you can zig left and then zag right and you are out. Admittedly, without visibility, but the zig-zag will slow you down enough to stop you shooting out into passing cars.