Friday 5 December 2008

Student travel options

There is now a U-bus running up and down Whiteladies road; this could offer a functional bus service to Bristol University. What other options are there? Let's see what we can see from a tour during student hours.

First off, this stair case is interesting. Students heading up and down the hill are strictly segregated into two lanes. Two overcrowded lanes, with people running down the hill either side of the path. One might think that opening up the central bit of the stairs to pedestrians, rather than fencing them over with highly reflective paint for safety would improve traffic flow. One might think that. But everyone knows: wider roads leads to more more traffic -presumably the same rule applies to pavements. It is necessary to close off half the steps to discourage people from walking.

There is a bike shed, but it is only temporary and not big enough. In the week since this picture was taken the stand was taken out of action, leaving only the railings and disabled access areas opposite. Again: providing bike parking would only encourage more bicycles.

What does that leave?

It leaves this, the pay and display section of Woodland Road. Here is a bit where any student can drive to work, provided they are prepared to pay for the right. At 10am on a monday, nobody is. But later on, it is seems popular, with groups of students getting out their shared cars. If you are only going in for one or two lectures, and sharing a car, short term pay and display parking will probably be cheaper than the bus.

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