Wednesday 24 December 2008

A parking space in Kingsdown! A miracle!

It's Christmas eve , and the town is quiet. Over in Kingsdown there is space for two cars to park, on the road, legally, without blocking fire engines. The Christmas week is the only time this happens. For people wanting to visit this annual miracle, the ritual of the open parking space, it's on Kingsdown parade, just opposite the car LL51ZSY on the pavement by the double yellow lines.

Also in Kingsdown news, a note came through everyone's letterbox asking everyone to email their local councillor to fight the CPZ proposals, which are going for review at a council meeting on January 5th. This opposition is being run by the Keep Parking Free group, who are generally from outside the zones. They don't want parking zones near them as not only will it remove places to drive to, it puts pressure on areas just outside the zone. Unfortunately, Kingsdown is already in this state: it's on the fringe of the inner city, and gets a lot of hospital traffic, amongst other things. Not visitors, commuters. Though if residents parking does get rolled out, and disabled cars can park freely, then it does provide a large amount of extra disabled parking not far from the BRI.

Coming out of the Kingsdown residents group is a counter-leaflet. Mark January 5th for your diary, as the council house could be fun.

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Anonymous said...

cute. they've left a space for santa to park his sleigh.