Saturday 6 December 2008

The legally-parked Range-Rover competition

Its another month, and time to start a new competition for a legally-parked Range-Rover. Contributions to bristol.traffic at welcome. Videos of range rovers trying to park legally also accepted.

This picture of T9PJJ will not win it. Incidentally, given that parking on corners is nominally illegal, why do some corners actually merit a white line?


Chris Hutt said...

It is unfortunate that the default (no road markings) is set to indicate no prohibition on parking and that markings are required wherever parking is prohibited/restricted.

Had the marking regime been based on the default being 'no parking' and parking only being permitted where road markings indicated we would have far less visual clutter because most of the time most of the marked parking spaces would be obscured by parked vehicles.

It would also eliminate arguments about whether markings are sufficiently clear since it would be in the motorist's interest to notice semi-erased road markings or signs obscured by vegetation.

Anonymous said...

Interesting idea Chris

Does what you suggest happen anywhere in the world?


Chris Hutt said...

As far as I know, no. The US, western Europe, India and Japan for example appear to have similar rules to the UK.

It's a shame that so many attractive streetscapes (in heritage and conservation areas) have to be spoiled by double yellow lines being painted everywhere.

It would be almost impossible to reverse the default now since so much infrastructure has been marked out and the emphasis is on having international conformity.

The point, I should add, has been made before, including 20 years ago by Mike Poxon, a senior highway engineer with Avon County Council.

Anonymous said...

It does happen...

Have a look here:

Chris I agree with you, but I'd love to get the thought processes reset! I'm working on it.