Friday 5 December 2008

Queen E. School

The QEH school, on Jacob's Well's road, hadn't come to anyone's attention, but while in the area at 1600 it becomes obvious that the primary form of getting the child home is by car, which leaves a problem: where does the car park? Mostly on Jacob's Well's road. The double yellow lines ensure that commuter traffic is kept out of the area, so providing a place for parents to wait.

The lines may say "no parking", but as the parents are sitting inside, they are merely waiting for their offspring, which is not technically parking, more a lifestyle choice for parents.

Up on the side road to Clifton, well, cars such as AG06AWA and A3NUU are doing their best not to block through traffic, by getting up on the pavement and in front of resident's garages. It is this "flexible, shared space" use of city features that enables Bristol to function.

Some cars, like the Landrover WP08YAF also make use of the "school keep clear" section. Note, however, unlike outside Clifton College or Christchurch School, nobody is parking on the pavement here. That is being left as a safe place for children to walk.


Anonymous said...

The Landrover is mine. You will notice that it has it's reversing lights on as it was being reverse parked into the LEGAL space behind it.

I am not sure what point you are making, are you saying it is a good thing to allow parents park here, or a bad thing?

You might highlight the fact that there is no zebra crossing outside this school. There are no car spaces available either as commuters dump their cars there all day.

Fact of life. Cars are needed.

Bristol Traffic said...

1. We're trying observe without coming out too hard for or against. What it does do it provide data we can then use as "before" to see what happens with the RPZ expansion, which can be the after. Also, there may be lots of vehicles parked on the school keep clear section, but none of them are on the pavement. Compared to the other schools in Clifton, this is actually an improvement.

2. It is bad there is no safe crossing, that was something we've seen. Crossing by the triangle is particularly awful, because pedestrians are not expected and the drivers coming up on Jacob's Wells road are not looking out. If you have any specifics of pedestrian accidents, that would be useful to know and help push for better crossing.

3. The latest RPZ plans will cover both sides of the road. 0800 to 2100, mon-sat. This may simplify pickup as there could be short term parking on the Cliftonwood hill side of the area.

Thank you for your participation in our data collection exercise!

Anonymous said...

Five cars

There are no legal spaces behind these zig-zags - the nearest on this side of the road are about 60m away from where you are, under the bridge that leads to the West End car park.

What you're saying is that you were reversing back onto the double yellow lines and hatched area of road.

A quick look on Google Earth or similar will confirm this.

A quick look at the Highway Code will explain these road markings to you.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean "AG06AWA" not "AG06AGA"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We have more pics of the Landy. They arent adequate for posting (blurred), but enough to show there isn't even room to reverse up to a different part of the school-no-parking area, on account of the other cars in the way.