Monday 15 December 2008


Here is the podium of the 2007 Bike Fest, under-5 category, with the three happy winners accepting their medals .

As only three kids took part, there was much joy all round, and no small child crying all the way home in disappointment.

On a similar note, we are pleased to announce that Bristol Traffic won 3rd place in Venue's 2008 Banana Awards, category "Top Web Site". Specifically, they said "A one trick pony which mostly takes the piss out of selfish and irresponsible parking practises of our fellow citizens". Surely they meant "the city's first rigorous data collection and datamining exercise on traffic and parking, raising traffic engineering from pre-elightenment superstition to that of a modern data-driven, evidence-based science." But maybe its because we keep that aspect of the project secret for fear of scaring people off. But we do not take the piss, Oh no. We celebrate their inventiveness!

We'd like to thank all the drivers whose contributions to the cities streets gave us something to talk about, and the many people who posted their photos in. Sadly, our need to avoid libel prevents us from posting most of the text that comes with the pictures, but we can assure everyone it is appreciated.

Next year: second place!

And the year after that, first place on the upturned dustbin with the packet of Quavers!


Chris Hutt said...

Congrats on the third place in the 'top banana' awards, but I'm afraid there was at least one "small child crying all the way home in disappointment" on that one.


SteveL said...

At the bristol race in the summer there were more kids than the podium could hold -paul bought every kid without a medal an ice cream. So buy yourself an ice cream and cheer up.