Wednesday 17 December 2008

That range-rover competition

Another contribution to the Range Rover parking competition. It's very close to winning. YT06TFN isn't on the corner, and the keep clear sign outside this children's nursery is just a hint, on a par with the "pay attention to the safety instructions" request they make on planes. So the only thing that causes it to fail our legally-parked-range-rover contest is the wheels that are barely on the pavement. A very close failure there.

Incidentally, a google search for the registration number shows up a car dealer page implies that it was on sale in Droitwich as of 04 November 2008, for 30,000 pounds. And that earlier, it was on sale for 35,000. Which means that although it cost a lot, it cost less than it did. Dropping 5000 pounds is quite serious depreciation, implying that not so many people want them. With the premium C-charge in London being removed and the cost of petrol dropping (the garage site says its a V8 BTW), the main threat to owning a car like this is the parking problem and the planned Group-G road tax hikes . But a 5000 pound discount costs-out the group-G tax for a decade, and its clear that nowhere else is rolling out congestion charging, so it looks like a bargain -provided the resale value doesn't fall as agressively. And as the probability of labour staying in power is probably less than 40% right now, those group G tax rises may not kick in. Leaving parking as the only issue. Or not, as the case may be.

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