Tuesday 25 May 2010

Parking Police Persecution in Kingsdown

Kingsdown Parade, nice little parking area for commuters. The residents are trying to make it RPZ, but someone from Clifton has been round pushing Keep-parking-free leaflets through every door encouraging them to resist, to give visitors from Clifton somewhere to park.

One reason: in an RPZ, there will be more yellow lines and tickets, and who wants that? Not us, obviously, yet even before the RPZ decision is final, someone is ticketing cars for being over dropped kerbs.

The car on the right NC54RXO, yes, it's a dropped kerb, but it's not blocking the corner. As for the car on the left, L693CON, well, that's the funny one. Its got two tickets, but if you look at that side of Kingsdown Parade, the entire pavement is only a centimetre high. There is no raised, therefore: no dropped. It seems to us the ticket is on pretty week grounds here, as its only the funny road markings that hint this is a pedestrian area, not the kerb.

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Dru Marland said...

Shocking, isn't it? -in leafy Westbury Park, parking tickets have also begun appearing on cars parked over the dropped kerbs at junctions. And on top of that, yesterday I saw a woman with a white stick tapping at just such a car because it happened to be parked where she wanted to cross the road. Wanton damage, if you ask me.