Monday 31 May 2010

They have stolen our Bemmy

A quick drive to Asda Bedminster, best car park near the city centre.

Only parking for six bikes, not under-cover, unlike the trolley parks. Keeping trolleys dry: important. Keeping bicycles dry: not important.
Even the access system makes it hard for bicycles to get back towards Southville afterwards without forcing them to encounter Coronation Road or North Street.
Yet look! Just round the corner: a 20 mph zone!
One that covers the area. The whole of Bedminster and Southville south of  Coronation Road, is now 20 mph. This is so wrong.

Fortunately, Asda's one-way system forces bicycles onto the 30 mph roads, so discouraging anyone from shopping that way. Customers who don't drive can't buy as much, yet still take up resources in the supermarket: space, queue time. They should be discouraged on the grounds of commercial profitability.


Forest Pines said...

One point: the one-way-system funnels you on to West St, not North St; and West St (and North St too) is most definitely within the 20mph zone.

Whether any drivers obey the 20mph signs is another issue, of course. So far, in my experience, driving at the speed limit in the Bedminster zone results in me becoming the head of a long queue; and getting overtaken by speeding taxis and buses in the bus-laned areas.

Forest Pines said...

For West Street read East St/the Parade. I always get W and E confused.

Bristol Traffic said...

Once you have got your corrections correct we will update our commentary.