Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Brunel Ford -proud to sponsor the Concorde Way

One thing missing from the official opening of the Concorde Way a couple of weeks back was the sponsor. London has Barclays "wealth for the wealthy" sponsoring the bikelanes "a tax-deductible gift for the poor in our society". Nobody was forthcoming in North Bristol, as our main local benefactor prefers to support development in and near Ashton Gate, rather than up here, Bristol Rovers territory.

Hence: no sponsor

This has changed, as J0TCT shows.

The best view is from Dovercourt way, where anyone who avoided a dooring incident gets a lovely view of a better option for the city.

Our tax-dodging troublemaker is here recorded harassing an innocent driver.

Let's review the video and score the discussion
  1. The tax-dodger takes the photograph and says this will be the reference "before" photograph: kick-off!
  2. The driver rightfully points out, no yellow lines -hence legal. 1-nil!
  3. The tax dodger responds: blocking dropped kerbs are illegal as is obstructing a cycle route, and that they could call the police. 1-all!
  4. The driver counters with "you are cycling on the pavement". 2-1 to Brunel Ford!
  5. The troublemaker tries to respond with "that's because there is a large vehicle blocking my normal access point". Offside!
We hope the troublemaker will see the error of their ways and buy a nice new Ford Focus, especially now that our Chancellor has reduced the cost of filling up the car by 50 pence.

Incidentally, can we say that we agree with all the comments added to the youtube page -our site does not in any way condone walking, cycling or public transport.


Bristolcyclista said...

I hate peas becuase as a child I was forced to eat them.

I can therefore only imagine that as a child, if you were naughty, you weren't threatened with the bogey man, instead you were told that a cyclist will get you when you are asleep. This is the only explanation that I can think of as to why you hate us "tax dodging" citizens.

Rhode Long said...

I like cyclists but couldn't eat a whole one.

Adam said...

I went to Brunel Ford on Muller Rd once and was shocked to hear them quote the elderly lady in front of me £45 to change a bulb in her indicator light plus the cost of the bulb. I wanted to tell her to got to Halfords and they'd sell her a cheaper bulb and fit it for £5 but couldn't as they already had her in their clutches. Evil people. She didn't have a clue she was being had.

ConicalFern said...

This lorry is illegally parked, and as a result of this, this cyclist has had to go on the pavement. Not sure how you can side with the lorry driver on this one.

Also as I'm sure you're aware, the tax you pay on your car is the tax for owning a car. Why should cyclists pay for this?

ConicalFern said...

Van is illegally parked, forces cycle to also break law. Van is in the wrong.

You seem to have some form of vendetta against cyclists and this has clouded your judgement.