Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Cycling Practises Condemned

Magnus R points us at a lovely set of of cyclist denunciations from a long time ago, the time -1934- when the Daily Mail was busy supporting Mosely's Black Shirts, and everyone was scared of communists.

These government drawings don't come out and spell out the harsh truth: people on bicycles could be communists, and it was the duty of every driver who believed that a strong authority in government was the solution to our problems was to cut up the "traffic dodgers" and discourage them from even trying it again.



Rhode Long said...

Amazing, there are more cars pictured in these graphics from 1934 than you see in modern day advertisments from the motor industry.

Quercus said...

1934... was just 11 years after a huge new road was proposed for Bristol. "The Portway". I have a 1923 map of the proposed road. I'll post something soon.

Nothing like a dual carriageway and a cyclist (sadly).