Wednesday, 16 March 2011

More biggerer and betterer.

Bristol is often referred to by many ex Londoners as being like a "little London". While we can appreciate the comparison we at Bristol Traffic know that with the proper building of new bigger wider roads to allow more cars into the city it won't be long before Bristol becomes bigger and better than London. Better because we won't leave our motorways unfinished on the outskirts of the city. Ours will penetrate right into the heart of the city centre creating a vibrant city environment that everywhere else in the world could only dream of. After all we already know that car drivers are the only people who ever spend money in cities and allowing anyone else to get in their way is a sure way to help businesses lose trade.

We have a good start already in the M32 but there's more work to be done if our vision of the future is to come to fruition.

Here as a reminder of why the plan must be seen through is a short film by a young man highlighting where London failed to match up to our vision.

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SteveL said...


I can see the road I grew on at 5:55, just to the east of Cricklewood Broadway/Shoot up Hill/, and again at 09:45, just east of where the M1 would have gone (which appears to have been planned to have gone over my secondary school)

I actually remember being taken on the road protests. If you look at the A41 at Child's hill you can see it was designed to be an extension of the M1 and a feed in to the ringway.