Friday 4 March 2011

YA55VDY does the 'croft

This is lovely, a coming together of our favourite subjects

The Medina Dairies delivery van, YA55VDY, parked over the stokes croft "cycle lane", just up from the post office van and another white van. Keeping the croft free of tax-dodgers, and bringing Yoghurt-related produce to paying customers


Adam said...

There's got to be some sort of game in this parking spotting. Top trumps? Poker? This pic could be a royal flush?

thescouselander said...
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thescouselander said...

Yeah, rubbish parking but where's postie meant to park when getting letters and parcels between the post office and the van? At least they weren't on the pavement.

What time was that taken anyway - didn't exactly look busy.

Looks like they were just loading to me which is legal.

Valerie Sinatra said...

True. Of course with hindsight they would have designed the shops to have an area to load and unload but it wasn't of importance all those years ago. Luckily times have changed and the need to stop and unload is always taken into account when considering whether to allow companies to open up shop in any premises. Which is great as it means that things like the new Tesco opening on Stokes Croft won't need to have huge HGVs parked in the cycle lane several times a day for deliveries when it opens...

... will it?

SteveL said...

It's a weekday morning. More to the point, we have never seen this "bike lane" without vehicles in it, morning or evening. It's a short stay parking area -one where all the signs and paint does is discourage long-stay parking.

Question is: is that right? Is it appropriate. And if it is, why not just remove the cycle lane as all it does is create naive optimism that you are welcome on a bicycle on this road because there is a designated place to cycle.

@Valerie. Heh. I think the loading will be at the rear, the bike lane will be for shoppers.