Wednesday 16 March 2011

cycling city: removing pavement space from motorists

One thing that Cllr Gollop -the Official Bristol Traffic approved councillor - raised in his Bikelash speech is the space taken from important road users by cycling facilities. What's been taken away? Pavement parking opportunities

This pickup, Y66TAN, whose passenger is in buying something at Quiznos on Stapelton Road is forced to carefully squeeze between the new bike racks and the railings on the other side.

Those are the railings of the large empty car park for both Quizno's and the supermarket. Yes, the pickup could have driven in there, but that would have taken more time, and the thing about important people is this: they are in a hurry, and their time is more valuable than pedestrians, cyclists or bus passengers. After all, these are the slow ways to get around. Nobody in a hurry would use them.


Rhode Long said...

You may be doing it deliberately but it is Cllr Gollop and not Glossop as in several posts.

We should not be making fun of such a great man and motoring champion.

Acesabe said...

It is more usual on Stapleton Road to simply stop and park in the middle of the road when sudden impulse to go shopping strikes! And now the pavement has been expanded to double standard obese person plus triple pushchair width - each side (all the way to Staple Hill) there is barely room for two buses to pass in the road, let alone any space for cyclists to ride without almost being knocked off every time a vehicle passes.

Still - at least you don't need to worry about cycling/driving on the pavement in Easton, as it is apparently quite acceptable there and little/no risk of the police taking any action against it. And the new 20mph speed limits? Ha! You are joking aren't you?!!