Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Safe passing

A lot of people on their bicycles complain about being passed badly by cars. Yet in Bristol, many of us, even though we are important -and show it by driving big cars- still pass our fellow citizens safely, even when they are poor and can only afford bicycles. Here is an example on Lower Maudlin Street, heading towards the BRI. This is one-way, with a contraflow for tax-dodgers heading downhill.

As you can see the Important Pickup moves safely into the contraflow to pass the bicycle, and then cuts left, so giving the bicycle room to share the ASL with them.

Isn't that generous?

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Chutzpah said...


Hope you don't class this as spam - but I've hidden it in an older post just in case. Feel free to ignore if you don't think it's worth mentioning.;-)

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I've got wind that some lentil eating car lovers in Bath have organised a talk with some bloke who does research with bicycles. Clearly this should be stopped because if it takes off there they'll only come down the Bristol to Bath bike path (why aren't cars allowed down that anyway?) and start trying to convince Bristolians to cycle more and hold up traffic there too.

If you want more information on this talk which must be stopped (I'm thinking blocking access with our cars, honking horns whilst he tries to talk etc.) drop me an email.


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