Thursday, 26 March 2009

Could you squeeze it onto the pavement a bit more please?

Here's a lovely example of crass illegal parking which plagues Bristol. Doubtless the owner has some ready made excuses, which we will now examine:

1) Its doing no harm. Sorry, but it's encouraging others to do the same. It's illegal,anti social and you have no right to use the pavement as a private parking space.

2) You can walk around it. Yes I can, and so can folk on their way to the RNIB (institute for the blind)centre down the street. Why should they have to walk in the road or through the dog-muck strewn gravel?. Oh, and would you mind if I parked my bicycle in your hallway?. I'm sure you can 'walk around' it.

3)I don't want my car damaged. Still doesn't give you the right to park on the pavement. If you live in the flats opposite then you should have thought about living in a narrow street before buying a car. If you work locally, others park larger vehicles legally so this excuse is void.

Pavements are for pedestrians, not cars. red car owner take note, you're just as bad.

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