Thursday 26 March 2009

Parking or turning?

Lovely bit of traffic calming here. As you approach, you cannot tell if it is a car pulling in aggressively or someone just parked. This forces caution, more than the dashed-give-way hints ever do.

It is only once you get close you see that WV070PW is parked, and therefore not a risk

Weekday mornings, Clifton. This is the part of the city where Carol Voerdeman is complaining that some essential freedom would be lost were it ever to embrace residents parking. Yes! the right to park with one wheel just about near a corner in a german car is an essential part of Britishness. We must stand up and fight the oppressive state now, lest this right becomes something whose loss we can only mourn!


Anonymous said...

That's WV07OPW for you Google...

Bristol Traffic said...