Tuesday 24 March 2009

Safety Warning

There is a warning sign in the middle of the cycle lane in Stokes Croft. This could be dangerous.

But not here.

The TNT delivery van DK57EHB is stopping anyone from cycling into the sign.


Anonymous said...

Well this sign is clearly in the wrong place. If only if someone had the foresight to move it to the other side of the road towards the BRI where the cycle lane is covered in glass.

inspectorbaz said...

You didnt spot the temporary disabled access crossing. You going to moan about that too? Where do you propose they place the sign?? As the footpath is not wide enough because you have take into account pedestrians with disabilities e.g visual impaired members of the public.

inspectorbaz said...

So where do you propose the sitage for the sign?? You didnt moan about the tarmac ramp?? Its a disability ramp. Its part of the Chapter 8 Traffic management stipilations. They cant put the sign on the pavement because of the width. It would be an obstruction to pedestrians with impaired eyesight/ wheel chair users etc etc.