Sunday 8 March 2009

The range rover competition

We are still running our regular competition for sightings of legally parked range-rovers. Submissions to bristol.traffic at gmail dot com.

First off, one on the keep clear section of Vyvyan Terrace, Clifton. CA56BHJ is not on the pavement, not over the corner, and those keep-clear signs are mostly advisory, so it is in the running. It is better parked than all the parents doing school dropoff round the corner.

Amusingly, while this picture was being taken, there was an impatient car trying to nudge its way into the parking space occupied by the photographer and a bicycle: The smart car WU56YTL. We like pictures of them too, for fairness, and we like to see how innovatively they park. It is notable that SmartCar are running a new marketing campaign, though we are yet to see the advert that shows how they are exempt from road signs.

This car on the pavement in front of the pedestrian crossing on top of St Michael's Hill isn't a valid entry -HY07TXL isn't a range rover.

Same for this contribution by "Libby". RJ51DRD has a Honda sticker on the front. Sorry.

This is our first ever iPhone photo. Not too bad for night-time photography on Cheltenham Road.

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