Wednesday 25 March 2009

Reflective Clothing is Bristol Cycling Chic

There are some bike sites: Copenhagen Cycling Chic, London Cycling Chic, that advocate wearing fashionable clothing as you cycle round their cities. Two things those cities have in common: Flat, near the north sea, and hence cold and windy rather than wet.

Here, waterproofs are a good year-round item to wear. We in Bristol Traffic think that everyone in the city should have a good one, ideally with reflective bits. Because even pedestrians need to be visible at night. But cyclists even more so

Take this cyclist, that is busy cycling from Bath Buildings to Arley Hill. She is wearing reflective clothing and even the bike wheels appear to be reflecting. This will make her visible to traffic, especially that going along Cheltenham Road in both directions, which they are doing while this cyclist loiters by the traffic island before sprinting over the next half of the road.

Such reflective clothing means that such cyclists will be seen when they cross a main road on a red light. This shows how safety-conscious Bristol cyclists are.


Anonymous said...

I am from Cambridge so perhaps someone needs to setup a site called Chic Cambridge Cycling! Saying that most of our cyclists have about 0.1% dress sense so perhaps it would not work!

Jon Usher said...

It's starting!!