Monday 9 March 2009

St John's school, Clifton

We've not visited this school since a sunny day in September, when were were surprised by how most of the kids were walking to school. Surprised, and disappointed, because only by going to school in the secure safety of their parent's cars can the kids be properly set up for a car-centric future. Had the parent's not read the recent Evening Post editorial that argued that only car-drivers brought money into the city?

Swinging by at 0845 on a damp March morning, we can see that those parents who do drive, are busy. Such as the mini WN03HXS and the minivan RX08FMG.

But what's that behind the Nissan micra EO03OXW? A Bristol City Council van ?

Looks like it is the van CN06CJF

With a little renault clio "Papa? Nous allons a'l'ecole?" BT04LBJ, we can see that the parking area for this school is fairly thoroughly occupied.

Even so, there was surprisingly little traffic. Compared to Christchurch, there was less traffic, less cars. Maybe there's less pressure on the pavements from parked locals, otherwise it must be a small enough school with a local enough catchment area that the parents can walk in the kids before nipping home and driving to work.

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