Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Police on the downs again

We aren't quite sure why the police car up on the downs near the suspension bridge is in NYPD colours, but as CF05DFD is ensuring that no subversives dare to ignore the no cycling signs and ride on the paths here, so we support it.


Quercus said...

OK, I take it all back:

Americans obviously do get 'Irony'.

Rhode Long said...

Clearly the issue of tax dodging lycra louts has overwhelmed our local police force and they have had to call in the experts. There is only one force in the world that excels in tackling this dangerous issue and that is NY's finest. Only in Central park is this issue more severe than Bristol downs as you can see here:

between-the-lines said...

These good officers are badly needed back home, where muddle-headed City authorities are increasingly trying to force decent people to become cyclists and walkers.

The Communist influence behind this subversion of the American Way of Life can clearly be seen in the name: "Active Design Revolution."