Thursday 16 September 2010

Secret College Green Parking

You've got to hand it to our city's authorities when promoting the city's tourist jewels! With visitors piling into the city recently for the marathon, it was important to showcase some of the city's treasures. Rather than waste time by having runners' families meandering on foot around College Green, the delightful Norman gate house and College Square behind, we managed to close College Square, turn it into a car park and have our visitors like CK03VPN actually DRIVE THROUGH the 12th. century monument in their cars. How imaginative is that??

And just in case you think these intrepid drivers might have been breaking the law - No! Thanks to the Fluorescent Jacket (Hazard Flasher Amendment) Act: 2005, all we need to do is station someone in a green jacket and lo! it's legal.
One nice detail for those of you not enamoured with the Lycra louts - the authorities built some temporary tarmac dropped kerbs for cars like CE05VAV to mount the pavement. These, you will be pleased to hear, were removed again immediately after the weekend so as to deter the cyclists from using this very tempting car-free route from Park Street to Harbourside.

(Photos and Text from "anon")

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