Monday, 6 September 2010

WOT madness

Thank goodness the road in Westbury on Trym has been resurfaced. The potholes were getting to the point where vehicles were almost having to slow down. WOT is actually a major traffic roundabout with added benefits of shops and cash machines easily accessible thanks to the re-painted double yellow lines and zig zags showing where it is convenient to park.

Here is the best parking bit where the council have deliberately shortened the zig zags after the pedestrian crossing on one side of the road so that convenient double yellow parking can take place. As this TNT van DU56PLN demonstrates.

But this local shopping and parking utopia is being threatened by anarchist hippies Sustainable Westbury-on-Trym who are part of the ominous Transition Bristol and they want to close off half of the road to vehicles. You will still be able to drive in every direction but no longer will there be a scenic roundabout to circle whilst finding a nice spot to stop. The reduction of such a wide road will inevitably mean less space to hazard-light park for that important minute or two to top up your mobile phone at the cash machine or pick up a donut at the bakery. Local businesses will be devastated.

Hidden in the proposals also are a proposal to reduce the speed limit to 20 mph, making a mockery of the council’s resurfacing efforts. It must be stopped!

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