Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Welcome Back

Bristol is a University City. In fact we have two of them.
Bristol is a Universities City!

So it's great to welcome back our important student population at this time of year.

Of course, to achieve a place at any University you need hard work, intelligence and determination. And probably parents with the same qualities, but we'll let that debate simmer in the main-stream press.

Here we see what could be intelligent students arriving (or possibly retuning), helped out by their intelligent parents (we refer to the cars, not the residents of Clifton navigating a route between them).

How do we know this?

Well, it's because of their amazing assimilation of Bristol's unique parking rules within hours of arriving in the City. Yes, the cars may sport number plates such as CE08WZC and CA09OKD, both apparently purchased in Llandow (that's in Wales, for those of you who failed Geography GCSE), but the entire family have worked out, within minutes of arriving, that:

1. In Bristol pavement parking is the norm.


2. In Bristol parking on Zig-Zags is the norm. Even within spitting distance of a local Police Station, and for ages (check the exif time flags of the photos if you like - I managed to eat Tiger Prawns and consume a pint between clicks). The synchronised hazard warning lights are a neat trick, too.

We welcome this fresh influx of intelligencia to our flock, and encourage them to use our cycle lanes for parking, our pavements for parking, and our Downs for parking.

Remember, these students are the makers and shakers of the future - we ignore them at our peril. Thank goodness they didn't turn up here with bicycles.

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