Wednesday 18 November 2009

N Somerset school parking

This is Northleaze primary school, long ashton. There is a road between this school use only car park and the school, but there is a zebra crossing. This gives the kids the walking to school experience without the parents schedule being too badly disrupted by having to walk the kids to school and then run home to drive to work.

Why doesn't anywhere in Bristol have decent parent parking like this?


Olly Maunder said...

This city's schools have lost the plot. There is currently a traffic warden outside Ashton Gate School preventing parents stopping in the zig-zag drop off zones. And this is at a school which spent the summer creating a "landscaped play area" on land which would have made an ideal car park!

PeteJ said...

That's the *old* school (now converted into "homes") across the zebra; the new school is a half mile walk down the hill.

SteveL said...

Well, in that case they should take the zebra crossing away and move the car park closer to the new school

PeteJ said...

North Somerset are attempting to emulate Bristol's appallingly anti-car policies. I'd hoped and expected that when those Guardian-sandalled LibDems were ousted in the last elections, a dose of good country Tories would set things straight, but about the only good they've done is to make a futile attempt to stem domestic extremism by closing a few village libraries.

And this will likely be my last contribution to this splendid blog of record for the tax-paying, car-driving classes, as I'm moving to Hull on Saturday, the home of green ASLs and cream phone boxes.

We stopped the night in our new house on Monday night, on a one-way, speed-humped, 20mph-limited street (the rot has spread even to God's own county of Yorkshire), and was gratified to find that resistance to the Communist cycle-Nazi hordes infiltrating our once proud country still exists, in the form of a Saab running at 30+ in the direction proscribed by Hull City Council (also LibDem: a concidence? I think not). Hope still remains.