Sunday 29 November 2009

The Recession Is Over - Official

These are hard times, but the end is apparently in sight.

As part of our ongoing Product Placement series, we see a new enterprise in the Gloucester Road. The photo is taken during the fit-out period, but it is good to see a new independent on Bristol's most famous street. Providing the sort of service and products so necessary in this part of town. Even better that this is taking place during a recession.

Notice how the new entrepreneurs have settled in seamlessly with their new neighbours, allowing their frontage space to be immediately occupied by the drivers of T8CKX and XZ4CCX in a real expression of community spirit.

We do wonder, however, just how long they expect the shopper to protect their escape route. Or is this performance art?

Here at Bristol Traffic we can't wait for the opportunity to sell our gold for cash and then buy a phone with the proceeds.

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