Thursday 12 November 2009


(Image internet scavenged)

Although Bristol Traffic likes to break the news, especially in Bristol, there are occasions when the conventional Medja beat us to it.

Take a look at this round-up of recent stories.

Tax payers funding The Police to waste their own time. Luckily it appears only to be a London phenomenon.

I really have to object, though. After all, The Police on bicycles - that's just unnatural isn't it? Especially when they need a manual to tell them how to balance.

Apparently, though, The Police can pass a test to ride bicycles without being able to ride bicycles. Details here:

I reckon the The Police should stay in their cars. Or on their horses.

Or take notice of this brave soul, unfortunately now in the clink, who managed to put a tax-dodger in his place:

We think 33 months (make that 16.5 with good behaviour) is excessive for trying kill a cyclist, but that is British Justice for you.


Adam said...

They'll soon be taking sick leave with bad backs if they all have their saddles that low.

Quercus said...

She doesn't look that happy. Maybe there is no saddle?

Adam said...

And her middle finger salute with her right hand to the bus driver that has just cut her up has been cropped from the photo.