Sunday 22 August 2010

Trouble on Happy Lane

We've covered the Happy Lane buildout before, a nice place for a car with a lampost to protect your wing mirrors from passing traffic on Ashley Down Road. Not so happy today though.

Something has gone into the Fiesta FD03LLW hard enough to damage the front and trigger the airbags. What could do such damage to a car safely parked on the pavement?
Further up the road, we get a hint of the probable culprit: the ever present lycra-menace on our pavements
this means
on the pavement
It is only through enforcing such rules that our parked cars will be safe.

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Rhode Long said...

It is worse than you think as this has to be the most watched pavement in Bristol. The sign also says:

This area is
monitored by
• Uniformed Police
• Plain clothes Police
• Police Community Support Officers
• Local Residents
• Pedestrians

So unless these agencies and local residents are not doing their job "educating" these tax dodgers properly it must be one of those terrorists that does not wear hi-viz, without lights and I dare say, without a helmet too!

Thank you for pointing out this menace to our precious tonne of steel and glass. Something must be done.