Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The mayor visits

Lovely story behind this photo -click on the link to get the full details from Gothick Matt on Flickr of his encounter of the Mayor's car 

What's impressive is not just that this is the second sighting of the car AE1 in our database, but that the photographer took the photograph because. as a Bristol Traffic reader, they've started to appreciate the things people have to do to park their car in the city -here on double yellow lines on a roundabout partially blocking the bike access.  We welcome such audience participation and are glad that Matt didn't cause any bother.

Incidentally, part of the Big Society theme is that we too may have our own elected mayor, "our own, personal, Boris". In the past, we have suggested that Carol Vordeman would make a good elected mayor. Since then we've moved on: the second tier former celebrity we want to rule us, to fix this city is Noel Edmonds! We support Noel Edmonds and his taxi for our own, local Boris!

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