Tuesday 7 July 2009

Secret Cabot Circus Parking in Castle Park

Who remembers when Castle Park was little more than a parking area for the shops, back when the nearest shop was an Argos outlet, not the fancy Cabot Circus stuff? In those days, parking was easy and cheap, now you have to queue behind everyone else to get into the new parking area. Still, for your money you get parking spaces big enough for your landrover discovery with the roofbox, not like the Galleries parking area.

We get lots of visitors looking for secret and free Cabot Circus parking -today Captain Bikebeard is sharing some of the places they've noticed you can still park a car for nothing, right next to the shops.

Where is the place? Where it's always been: Castle Park.

Here a car with the number plate "AE1" is parked. This is apparently for the Lord Mayor, who has been driven down to celebrate the biggest bike ride.

But it is not just for the mayor, here another car BN03VVU has snuck in.

There must be lots of little places in the park you can fit a car, and it's very handy for the shops. Just take care not to run over anyone sunbathing if you have to drive over the grass to get there.


Harvey Bikebell said...

....'in the past this site has been used as a car park for parks staff that is why people still use it.... ....the Lord Mayor was visiting the park to open a tea party, so was on parks business'...
Claire Adams Bristol Parks Area Parks Manager Central

This despite there being parking spaces less than 200yds away !!!! It is an appalling examples to set our citizens !!!

alice said...

He drove around the start line area for the bike ride in it too. Just when everone had let their guard down and parents were happily letting their young kids enjoy a bit of freedom on their bikes AE1 barged through. Surely the mayor should be on a horse?

Harvey Bikebell said...

He should but he would then be driven to the horse and carriage and only ride the last 10yds, just to give the impression that he rode all the way !!!
For some reason to do with his predecessor he is not allowed to ride a bicycle only sit on one !!