Friday 3 July 2009

Cornering Problems

There's an HGV on the zig-zags, overhanging the zebra crossing, and making negotiating Cotham Hill tricky in the pre-9am peak period

Parked? Not really. People are out trying to solve a problem. What problem? This car.
It's up on the pavement by Domino's Pizza, but whoever parked there last night doesnt know that during working hours, you get truck deliveries to the building supplies site, and cornering in from Whiteladies Road is fairly sharp. If they had parked further up on the pavement -the way most Domino's Pizza staff and customers appear to do- there wouldn't have been any problems, but as it is, it's sticking out.

This is something people always get wrong: they assume that if you leave space for a car, there's nothing to worry about. But you have to leave space for a truck. Because they don't care that much if they damage your vehicle on the way through, and they will get through. This lot did. Eventually.

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