Friday 31 July 2009

Safe Parking

This car shows how to park safely in the city, even if you don't have your own private parking area.
By parking inside of the lamppost, the vehicle owner knows that they have no worries about being clipped by passing cars, lorries or buses. Their one remaining concern is people cycling or walking along the pavement. If laws against cycling on the pavement were properly enforced, they would have much less to worry about.


Chris Hutt said...

Is there really a Happy Lane in BS7? Can't find it on Google Maps.

SteveL said...

It's the name of the bike/footpath that is used primarily to get kids into sefton park school; so busy with schoolkids in the am you don't want to use it. The buildout is at the end of it, so kids crossing Ashley down road have somewhere safe to do it. Moral buildouts without bollards = safer parking.


Will B said...

just a comment to let the search engines know it's the owner of L614 ULE who is being congratulated.

SteveL said...

oh, yes, we cannot not celebrate L614ULE!