Thursday 9 July 2009

A taxi for a cycling city

At the Farm Pub Path opening event, we saw a sneak preview of what could be a new solution to our city's late night traffic problems -the captain bikebeard bike float

This multi-pedaller bike system gets its forward movement from the work of the two at the front -the one at the back is only driving the sound system. While he eats off a plate. Which is where it gets interesting.

Imagine a fleet of these, picking up people from the city centre on a Friday or Saturday night. There's enough power in those front two legs to get over the hills, while the passenger in the back not only gets the option of music -if they choose to pedeal- they are in the idea position to eat a kebab and chips on the way home. Even better, being in the open air -no smoking restrictions!


Chris Hutt said...

And no upholstery to be ruined by spilt food, vomit and blood. And a bit of peddling would help with the next morning's hangover. The perfect antidote to a night on the town in Bristol.

Downfader said...

No space for a felch on the backseat. Looks like a challenge to me ;-P