Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Cheltenham Road bike parking?

What's that on the far right of this picture? Bike parking? More bike parking?

By allowing bicycles to park on the pavement, valuable space is being removed, which would otherwise be used by cars. We are fortunate that this new bit of sidewalk-nibbling (a US term) has not taken place near the bike lane, as if it did it would remove valuable parking space from cars such as X847CFT.


Quercus said...

I confess to having used this very stand.

I then walked across the road, entered the very fine shop 'Dutty', and completely irresponsibly purchased six cans of spray paint and caps for my son.

It is in the Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft, after all.

sxoidmal said...

I'm grateful to have learned the term "sidewalk-nibbling" and will promptly begin implementing it in heavy rotation, in Minneapolis, MN. I do hope that car doesn't mar its tires with that strange, unsightly paint on the road.