Tuesday 21 July 2009

Sussex Place Junction

The previous post today makes a valid point. I have some video footage that I'll share one day.

It has, though, reminded me about the consultation for Sussex Place (or St Agnes Gateway - as the Highways Department call it).

Here you can take a look at the recent 'improvements' to this junction.

I made representations to the Council regarding certain urban design aspects of the scheme (there were none), but I missed the obvious...

The plan clearly sets out the key changes to the roads. It shows where pavements are to be narrowed, and bus stops moved etc. What it doesn't show is the removal of existing cycle lanes. Lower Ashley Road used to have one. So, I think, did Ashley Road on the approach to Sussex Place. Because they weren't shown as being removed on the plan I didn't object to their removal. Which I regret every time I cycle this route and have to sit behind the cars and lorries (I don't do pavements, no matter what the Evening Post may say).

Cunning stunt by the Highways Department of the Cycling City.


green tomato said...

this was done to improve traffic flow and reduce the benzene levels in lower ashley road which were the highest of any street in the uk apparently. Perhaps any executive members of the council reading this can tell us what effect the change has had on those levels, and thus whether it was worth the bike lane sacrifice.
Increasingly however, I dislike those 'painted on' bike lanes, and wonder if they send out the wrong message - 'get in the gutter where you belong'. How about painting the lane back in, in the middle of the left hand lane? No one can overtake you without using the right hand lane anyway.

Steve Meek

Jon Rogers said...

Evening Steve

My impression is that there is not as much car queueing at the Lower Ashley Road/Sussex Place traffic lights, but I don't know if that reduction in congestion has translated into a reduction in benzene levels.

I will ask


Unknown said...

Normally I'd agree with you about removing the cycle lanes. Since the rebuild, navigating this junction from the Ashley Road direction is so much nicer that I'll happily take the trade. I much prefer having to wait behinda couple of cars to trying to weave through 500 yards of gridlock and smog.

BTW - I sent a photo of some chaos at this junction pre-redesign to your google address a few days ago.

SteveL said...

We have that pic, will have to use it in the "before" photo. I will also try and track down a real "before" pic, when there was a mini roundabout here. I actually think it had better traffic flow, but was less fair