Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Banksy vs Bristol Traffic

Has anybody seen the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition?

Graffiti is wrong. We all know that.

But the exhibition is, in fact, not a series of witty or political statements of a 'Bristol lad made good'. Nor a comment on society as it stands in our green and pleasant land. Or even a celebration of Bristol City Council's ability to not know that a major crowd-puller was being installed under their noses. On their premises.

No. In true Banksy fashion, it was just a ploy by the 'artist' himself to inconvenience Bristol's drivers.


Anonymous said...

Or they had to move the queue due to UoB graduation ceremonies.

Demonstrates how nice the University precinct would be without the traffic (Woodland Road is also partially blocked at the top currently).

Dru Marland said...

I was delivering some books to the Museum shop yesterday. Thank goodness I did it by bicycle, though the hardest part was getting past the porters on the door. Hrumph.

It does seem a very sensible way of dealing with the queues. Apparently they're averaging 8000 people a day...

Downfader said...

Banksy is rubbish anyway. This lot are only queuing to get out of the rain ;-P

sxoidmal said...

That's awesome: his reputation is such that he doesn't even have to paint anything anymore, just spread a rumor about it. Not a bad job.

Unknown said...

Oh please!

It's something that is really popular that does no-one any harm. Let celebrate this rather than complaining about a perceived traffic inconvenience.