Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Very Advanced Stop Lanes

Some truly advanced stopping by this white van shows how to beat pesky cyclists at the Sussex Place/Lower Ashley road junction.

T735KDA claims its rightful space at the head of the queue, whilst barely infringing on the dedicated cycle stopping zone. Providing a dedicated safe area for bicycles to wait behind other traffic reduces the risk of accidents and keeps our city safe.

(photo and text by "TG". Thank you!)


Thomas Guest said...

Re: "Thank you!"

You're very welcome. Sorry not to get the all important red traffic light in the shot, though it's clear the van's brake lights are on, and if you click on the picture you'll see the red stop light on the opposite side of the junction.

sxoidmal said...

Very good shot. We've got the same casual disregard for bikes-only lanes in our city, and it makes for good photography to get a shot of a car parked on the bikes-only symbol painted on the ground. Somehow, neither that nor the ample posted signs around every intersection are enough to dissuade drivers from an obviously incorrect course of action.

Quercus said...

And it's worth remembering that this junction is the one where they narrowed the footpaths and removed the cycle lanes to increase the width of the road. Try cycling from the M32 end towards City Road... you'll have to use the (now-narrow) pavement, or sit behind the vehicle in front.

Which is as it should be - after all, why should cyclists have all the fun in this cycling city?