Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Abbey Wood Cycle Facilities

Those subversives are at it again, complaining that the government, by not letting NHS or MOD staff get tax-relief on bicycles is not helping cycling. So what? When the government gives someone a thousand pound rebate when buying a new car if you hand in an old one, you are creating a new revenue stream: someone who pays VED and fuel taxes. That money comes back. But a tax return for bicycles? What is the ROI?

Closer to home, we do have evidence that the big MOD facility is very pro bike.

First, a big sign promising new cycle routing.

Second, the right of every driver -to park where you want -has been suspended. A sign warns you that unattended vehicles will trigger security alerts, and even vehicles with drivers in them get limited to 10 minutes -no-returns. This is stricter than at Bristol Airport.

For all four MOD cyclists there is something that all eight UWE cycle commuters can only dream of. Secure bicycle parking. A fence, two CCTV cameras, with the one on the right backed up by IR sensors. And security guards, all to look after those two sheffield stands.

There is even a bike path all the way into -and we do mean into- the entrance gate of this parking area.

All is well here, no changes needed. Move along now.

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