Thursday 23 July 2009

Act now to stop the Living Streets subversives!

Steve Meek, lead subversive of the local Living Streets branch is at it again.

First, he has finally achieved his goal of getting a parking bollard put in in Picton Square, removing the Range-Rover parking facility from Montpelier, forcing vehicles to park out in the street instead, and making it hard for lorries to do three point turns in the area.

As you can see, the bollard is already tilted, but apparently it is more robust than its predecessor. Please submit photographs of any vehicles with matching bollard-shaped dents to bristol.traffic at gmail dot com.

You'd think that would be enough, taking away one or two parking spaces from Montpelier would be enough, and killing the Multi-Modal interchange but no. He wants more. He wants to make our entire city "safe to walk around", which is really subversive-speak for "hard to drive around and with no parking"

Here is his latest email, sent out to a mailing list we are secretly watching
Dear supporter

A couple of important points:

Firstly the 'obstructive parking' meeting mentioned in the last email is postponed, but the full open meeting is very much on -

Living Streets Bristol Open Meeting, Upstairs Room at Pizza Express, Corn St. 7.30pm, Thursday 23rd July.

This meeting is to discuss and agree the priorities - both a 'wish' and a 'work' list for the future

Secondly, If you cannot make it but want your views included, please tell us by email what you see as the priorities. Thanks to those who have already done so. Shortly after the meeting there will be a press release spelling out our vision of a walking - friendly city (want to help?). To be as representative as possible, we need your views.

The draft list of priorities is currently :

* Those on foot should be given priority over all other road users in street design (This is supposedly council policy but isn't followed)
* The 'zebra cull' must stop (the trend to replace zebra crossings with light controlled ones) - in addition, several new ones are needed
* Light controlled crossings should be reviewed and delays to pedestrians reduced where found to be excessive (needs us to find and time the worst examples)
* A citywide crackdown on pavement obstruction by vehicles and bins.
* More traffic free roads - the city centre on sundays as per Peter Abraham's suggestion, then ultimately every day for many roads.
* 'Shared space' or similar projects in community areas - such as 'Picton square', Montpelier
* 20mph default speed limit across the city

Steve Meek
0789 999 2398
Living Streets Bristol Area Chair
livingstreetsbristol at
Living Streets is the national charity working to create safe, attractive and enjoyable streets around the UK, that is, they are explicitly anti-car.

We think it is critical that everyone infiltrates this meeting to divert it from these goals. For anyone planning to do this, the closest parking to Corn Street is probably Trenchard Street or Queen's Square. Cabot Circus has dropped its parking fees recently, and it is 4x4 friendly (high ceilings), but you have a distance to walk, and that's dangerous.

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