Friday, 17 July 2009

Thali Cafe news

This site is sponsored by the Farm Pub (they let us buy their beer) and the Thali Cafe chain of Bristol, here seen in Totterdown; they have other sites in Montpelier and Easton, and will let us eat in or take away their lovely food.
We are pleased, therefore, to be the first news outlet in the city to announce that the fourth village in the city, Clifton, will soon be getting a branch too. Presumably because it is so hard to drive across Gloucester Road into Montpelier, and it takes too long to walk from Clifton. Whatever the reason, we welcome a reason to go to Clifton!


Adam said...

I often see Thali owner Jim about as he cycles between the different Cafes. Nice to be able to say hi and catch up sometimes. One of the extra often forgotten advantages of cycling or walking. The social possibilities. Tasty food too. The lunches are highly recommended and the Easton Cafe has really comfortable sofas etc.

Anonymous said...

Why would you drive across Gloucester Road to get from Clifton to Montpelier? I don't have a car, but that seems like an eccentric route even for Bristol drivers.

alice said...

That's exactly why you'd do it! Eccentric - the posh word for mad. Loveable insane types, as opposed to lowly poor nutters who should be swept away.

No, in all seriousness, why would you not get to Montpelier over Glos Rd? Whiteladies, cut through down to Zetland Rd, across Glos Rd down Chelt Rd left into Picton St, Thali.

I did once work on a film where the Clifton based script writer described a walk to Montpelier as feeling like "walking into the bowels of Bristol" Maybe the Thali are aware of this aversion to entering the lowlands and need to set up camp in Clifton or lose the market.

SteveL said...

The other way to get to monty from clifton is tyndalls-ave, cotham road, cotham brow, ashley hill and then the other side of montpelier, park and walk. Return is trickier: right on cheltenham road, head to the arches, then left.

If you drove as far as nugent hill you can walk over cheltenham road without worrying about how to get back.