Friday 26 September 2008

Bike security

There's a police car (WX07VDG) outside Bike Bristol, helping to make sure nobody nicks a bike from inside -that being why all the bikes on the floor near the front of the shop have their stem loosened; to make them unrideable. With two police in the shop that won't happen.

Parking on the double yellow lines here is justifiable for two reasons. One, they were in looking at bike parts. Two, this is reserved for taxis, and as far as cyclists are concerned, Taxis are the enemy.


Anonymous said...

LMAO @ "taxis are the enemy" :D

Unknown said...

Taxi's are a menace, when they arn't being unpredictable they are deliberately driving dangerously to get around faster. And they have taken to using cycle lanes in an attempt to get past stationary traffic (without realising they are wider than a bicycle lane.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of police cars, on Friday I spotted this one on Earl Street behind the new magistrates' court:

Police car WXO8 DSE parked on double yellow lines on Earl Street, Bristol, Friday 26/9/8 (facing oncoming traffic, half on the pavement, and blocking the magistrates' court car park entrance/exit into the bargain!)

Sorry you can't see the yellow lines clearer, or the wheels on the kerb, but I was dashing for a coach with enormous bands and only had a moment to quickly snap it!

SteveL said...

@bristle. Thanks for the photo. without the lines its harder to use with some witty text, but I've downloaded the pic and will file it away @home in the police parking category. Glad you are entering the spirit of the site!