Tuesday 30 September 2008

Parking Services at Work

The Bristol Blogger's story on Bristol Parking Services was a shock. There really was a Bristol Parking Services. Terry had sent a photo of a BPS van, but we suspected it was just something someone painted on a van so that that they could park wherever they wanted.

If Bristol Parking Services existed, parking like this might be discouraged:

Since everyone does park this way, one can infer that there is no BPS.

But lo and behold, what should there be on Trenchard Street but a line of vehicles with Bristol Parking Services printed on them.

All with a fine view of the VW Golf VA03LCL and the Ford Focus W672XCP from the first picture

So: Bristol Parking Service vans exist. What we don't have is any evidence that their staff exists or enforce parking. More on this topic later.


Anonymous said...

Well, anybody who lives down my neck of the woods whose ever walked past the Wilder Street Parking Services office will know that PS vans are regularly parked on double yellows (often with half the vehicle on the pavement to strategically block off the footpath to pedestrians, prams etc) in order to prevent civilians from breaking the law.

Another genius idea from BCC!

Anonymous said...

The last time I saw one of these vans, it was parked on the double yellow lines on Tyndall's Park Road..... Always ironic, the Parking Services van needing a parking ticket!