Tuesday 23 September 2008

Mountain Biking Considered Dangerous

Robby Golbin, of Psyclewerx - best high-end MTB shop in the city- won't be doing much technical off-road for a while. Because on a recent trip over to one of the welsh "resorts" he managed to come off, dislocate a shoulder, tear lots of ligaments and three muscles. He's got a rather large set of stiches on his shoulder slowly healing, his arm in a sling and a wrist bound up to stop nerve damage. Which shows why its dangerous to go off-road on your own, even if it is normally pretty safe.

What is impressive -and is very impressive- is that he is still cycling to work. One handed. Getting off the bike and walking across junctions. That is dedication.

So if cycling near Cotham Hill, stick your head in and wish him well. And wonder whether you'd be up to cycling while healing from such injuries...


Anonymous said...

Way to go! Is Robby still well dosed up on the meds from A&E? Or is he just glad that the bike was fine, despite the fall? I ask because he's got a curiously serene look on his face in the photos ;-)

SteveL said...

I didn't ask about the state of the bike, so let's assume its medications.