Saturday 27 September 2008

Evening Post parking facilities

[Joe Evans sends in some snaps with commentary. Remember: photos and non-libellous commentary are welcomed at traffic at ]

Is the car park full?. Don’t worry – you can park for free if you drive up the pavement and use all that lovely space outside the Evening Post building

The hard part is actually getting onto this wide parking area

You probably have to get on the pavement at this pedestrian crossing, and then drive along behind the barrier.

Parking here has two advantages, alongside being free. You can use the pelican crossing lights to stop the cars when you pull out (just drive up the crossing and press the button), and because of the crash barrier, you can be sure no passing vehicles will clip your wing mirror.


SteveL said...

car reg#s T622MNB and W618VDO (maybe)

SteveL said...

Corrected reg W618RDD