Thursday 18 September 2008

school runs

Its back to school, and back to the old habits. Any photos of the remaining Parking Services staff actually in front of a school are welcome; until then we get those of 4X4s on the double yellow lines, where the no-waiting cones have also been added, like this Shogun, WP54GBF.

Maybe the manufacturers should come out and admit this is a use of their vehicles in adverts, rather showing rock-climbers driving across the desert to the cliff. In Bristol, the rock climbers move closer to the St Werburgh's climbing wall, and either walk there or drive over to Avon Gorge in a Mark III Golf that's seen better years. The 4X4 is for parents. Parents in a hurry. (I actually got a photo of the mum too, and told her off for skewing the dataset before I pedalled off. I don't think she understood. She doesn't know about the role of MapReduce and datamining in building a better model of bristol traffic. )

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